Learner Declaration

LEARNER MUST: take responsibility for their own learning ensure full, and timely, attendance at assessments and workshops to enable them to successfully complete and pass the course comply with the organisational policies, procedures and codes of practice of both the training organisation and their employer help to set and achieve targets to sustain the successful completion of portfolios, and all assessments related to the course keep to an agreed overall timetable for completion of the course comply with safeguarding legislation adhere to equality and diversity legislation work in a safe manner and follow health and safety procedures

EMPLOYER MUST: provide relevant procedures and documentation as required by Employment Law (ie Contract of Employment etc) allow regular on-site assessment and reviews from the training team allow the employee (learner) to attend off-site training sessions, if required wherever possible, appoint a mentor to oversee, help and guide the trainee in the workplace and in the production of a portfolio support the employee through the learning process and all other requirements of the course provide access to the widest range of work relevant to the specific assessment comply with safeguarding legislation ensure that health and safety regulations are followed provide health and safety information, equipment and training demonstrate a commitment to Equal Opportunities Name of training organisation: JARVIS TRAINING MANAGEMENT LTD (JTM) JTM’S RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO: guide you through the various stages of your course, up to and including your final certification advise on, and agree with the employer and learner, a suitable learning programme with an anticipated end date co-ordinate initial / diagnostic assessments and organise any subsequent additional support that might be identified / highlighted provide quality work-based learning within the guidelines set by the awarding body of the qualification provide a personal assessor for all the elements of the programme and learning support where required endeavour to minimise disruption to your working day co-ordinate on and off the job learning and assessment opportunities administer and monitor the scheme on behalf of the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and, if relevant, the European Social Fund (ESF) be at your disposal for any problems or questions throughout your programme We, the undersigned, understand our roles and responsibilities within this learning agreement and will honour them when and wherever possible.